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Argentium Sterling Silver is a technologically advanced silver alloy containing the same silver content as traditional sterling silver.  Traditional Sterling Silver is an alloy composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.  In the 1990's, scientists discovered that if they replaced some of the traditional copper with Germanium, the resulting sterling silver alloy had distinctly advantageous properties. 

Compared to traditional sterling silver, Argentium Sterling Silver is stronger, harder and more versatile.  It is highly resistant to tarnish and pieces can be manufactured without fire-scale, a purple reddish coloring that can be hard to eliminate.  These qualities make Argentium Sterling Silver one of the biggest innovations to precious metal technology.  These same properties also make Argentium Sterling Silver exceptionally well suited, and highly sought-after for jewelry. 

Argentium Sterling Silver comes in two forms.  The original form is named Argentium 925 Silver.  More recently Argentium 970a was released.  The premium-grade Argentium 970a is touted as the whitest, most lustrous and most pure silver commercially available worldwide.  For more technical information on Argentium Sterling Silver please visit the Argentium Silver website.

All of Hershal Wiggins Designs silver work is composed of Argentium 970-Pure Silver with chains of made of Argentium 925 and Fine Silver.  Learn more about our Jewelry.

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