About: Our Jewelry

The creation of my jewelry goes far beyond the melting and the forming of metal.  It is the combination of many crafts and the experience of working with some of the finest craftsmen and woman in the world.  My jewelry is the desired forms of depth and light, not as a metalsmith would see it but from my training in painting, printmaking and photography. 

In my work I want the soul of the primitive aspects of the African sculpture the stylize strength of Asian and Islamic Art and the precision of the German and Swiss.  Argentium Sterling Silver has all the qualities needed, beauty, strength and forming malleable that no other precious metal holds. 

You can select from works I’ve already created, as can be seen displayed in the Jewelry section of the site.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, I also do custom work.  Just use the form on my contact page to drop me a note. 

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