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Hershal Wiggins has finished his new watch, Keum-Boo 0001. 

After years of study and jewelry making for others as well as for himself Hershal Wiggins has always dreamed of making his own watch design.  His desire to use the artist technique of Keum-Boo was always deferred by Sterling Silver quick tarnishing and fine silver softness.  Now, with Argentium Sterling Silver he is able to maintain hardness twice that of Sterling without the quick tarnishing downfall.  With the elegance and the royal beauty of 24 karat pure gold Hershal Wiggins has completed his dream of a limited edition Keum-Boo watch.  He used the finest ETA movements, the renowned 2801 17 jeweled mechanical (also available gold plated) and the 2824, 25 jeweled automatic movement.  These are among the finest Swiss Movements’ in the world and reside in some of the highest quality watches in the world. 

This is LIMITED EDITION watch. 

99   limited edition Automatic with 2824-2 movement. 

50   limited edition Mechanical with 2801-2 movements. 

Keum-Boo is the very difficult technique of fusing pure gold onto Argentium (low-tarnish) Sterling Silver.  This technique can only be achieved by hand.  The watch is a combination of 24 Karat pure gold and Argentium Sterling Silver with a crocodile 18mm band.  The entire watch in handmade from the watch case to hand applied texture.  I am very proud of this creation. This is the first watch of many to come. 

Pricing information available upon request


  • 17 JEWELED
  • Incabloc Shock Protection
  • 25.60 mm
  • Hand wound
  • Available gold plated


  • Argentium 970 backing
  • 24 karat gold face
  • 24 karat gold rim on front and back with argentium 970 backing


  • Argentium 925 Sterling Silver
  • 33.50 mm ( without Crown)
  • 9.5mm thick
  • Front 29.50mm Flat sapphire crystal
  • Back 25.50mm Flat sapphire crystal
  • Individually numbered by hand graving
  • Blue steel oil paint hour and minute hand
  • Intense red second hand
  • 18mm handmade Italy crocodile
  • Argentium buckle with 24k gold strip (not shown)

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